CDL have successfully completed numerous projects on behalf of English Heritage and Natural England to give 16th/17th century historic buildings another 30 years lease of life. All projects received the highest praise from all parties.

Our works have included church restorations, barn renovations, etc. These were restored to as near original condition as achievable using authentic materials where able and where not, used like for like to keep the fabric of the building as close to its former state as possible.  These buildings are all part of our nation’s famous and very special heritage and when it comes to their repair and renovation they demand extra special workmanship and attention to detail. To help ensure that these buildings are restored to the highest possible standards it is imperative that any company chosen has the skills and the expertise to undertake this type of work. Our company has undergone close, stringent scrutiny and our work is assessed by highly qualified experts to ensure that our standards never slip.

If you are looking to carry out works on any listed or unique building then CDL should be high on your list of chosen contractors. Below is a list of typical materials and methods utilised for these projects:

  • Stonework
  • Cob Block and repair work
  • Lime pointing & rendering
  • Joinery - Oak, to original patterns
  • Slate
  • Re-use existing cob by reconstitution