Here at CDL Joinery we believe a good set of windows that suit your property are really important. They can make a vast difference to the impression given and the look you are aiming to achieve.

If you have a mature property with tired, dated windows - we can replicate the original design using traditional materials to give your property a new lease of life. Similarly, if you have a  modern property for which you would like large statement windows, portholes, slim elegant windows or perhaps something totally different such as various shapes brought together to form a whole, then CDL Joinery are on hand to assist.

Types of windows explained...

Casement Window

We can manufacture these windows in two options.

  1. Flush casement – Traditional style
  2. Stormproof Casement – More of a modern style rebated for extra weather proofing.

These windows can be hung on the right or left-hand side or even from the top and open outward from the house with a turn of a crank handle.  Casement windows are a very popular choice. Their simple design helps to guarantee the most potential available light is let in. But you need to be aware that these windows can swing wide, so they may obstruct pathways once opened.

Sliding Sash Window

Another classic window variety. This window features two sashes (movable panels) that can be opened by lifting a frame vertically. This type of window suits older styled homes, but they are also a popular choice because they don’t take up any extra space when open. However, you could be put off by the horizontal rail in the panes of glass as they can obstruct your view.

Fixed Window

This type of window doesn’t open but comes in many shapes and sizes and offers unobstructed views. A small one could brighten up a stairwell, while a larger one could frame an amazing panorama. Plus, as it’s fixed and completely airtight, there are no drafts. But this also means you won’t get any ventilation, and you’ll need to make sure it’s accessible from the outside to clean.

Whether you are looking for classic or contemporary, our joinery team are ready to produce your bespoke windows, made by hand using traditional methods and modern machinery, incorporating draught stoppers and glass that come in to line with current building regulations. 

For conservation areas we can manufacture our windows using slimlite double glazing.

Call in to our on site Joinery Workshop to discuss your requirements Mon - Fri 9am to 4.30pm or email