CDL - Code of Conduct

CDL have a policy to treat everyone fairly and openly, to keep our promises and to support those within the company for doing things properly. To ensure that the company moves forward in a positive manner we encourage our employees and subcontractors to listen and share information to create a good working environment in which we can produce a high end product for our clients.

CDL aim to achieve their goals by going the extra mile, by taking pride in their work and not compromising on quality or safety. We treat everyone equally and openly encourage everyone so that they work to the best of their ability. CDL are transparent, honest and work with integrity. We look to develop positive working relationships with our clients and would rather miss out on business than compromise our name.

Business Integrity

  • CDL will never look to gain an advantage by acting fraudulently, by deceiving our clients or making false claims i.e. something we are not entitled to.
  • We act honestly, fairly and openly.
  • We always carefully check or inspect things that are our responsibility.
  • We base our invoicing on complete and clear information.
  • We will never withhold payments when we don’t honestly believe we are entitled to do so.
  • We never ignore something that we suspect might involve fraud or deception.
  • We never use company money for improper purpose.
  • We will not offer, give or receive bribes or improper payments or participate in any kind of corrupt activity.
  • Our employees may occasionally receive invitations to social functions, sporting events etc that are of low value and seen as a customary token of appreciation and only where they would enhance business relationships.
  • We should never use our position, contacts or knowledge gained within CDL for personal gain or to benefit family or friends.
  • We never pay a third party more than a contractually agreed amount for goods or services.
  • We always avoid conflicts of interest.

Working Relationships

  • We strive to employ people that will uphold our values.
  • We look to create an environment where our employees feel valued and support them so they can produce their best.
  • We identify training needs so employees can develop their potential.
  • We have a fair system to reward and recognize achievement.
  • We maintain a safe and healthy working environments.
  • We provide equal opportunities for all.
  • We comply with all employment laws.
  • We promote talent on the basis of merit.
  • We look to employ the best possible people.
  • We will not tolerate harassment or bullying or the threat of physical or verbal abuse.
  • We never accept any kind of unlawful discrimination.
  • We encourage and support those who report harassment, bullying or discrimination.
  • We support, respect and protect Human Rights.
  • We comply with the national legal requirements with regard to wages and working hours.
  • We always look to develop and sustain strong, long lasting relationships with our clients.
  • We hold regular meetings to evaluate our own performance and those of others.
  • We keep our promises and fulfill our contractual obligations.
  • We act honestly and promptly.
  • We communicate truthfully, clearly and regularly.

Who We Are

  • We look to promote a safe and healthy working environment to safeguard ourselves, colleagues and the public.
  • We ask our employees to attend work in a fit condition to perform their work free from alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • We never undertake any job without assessing it with regard to risks and we always ensure that those working on projects have the necessary training and equipment.
  • We expect senior managers to provide strong leadership on matters of health & safety.
  • We look to work as sustainably viable as possible and are aware of our environmental responsibilities.
  • We ensure that our workforce are aware of the environmental impacts of our activities and receive necessary COSHH data to ensure they act responsibly.
  • We will seek to employ local people on our projects where possible.

Company Property & Information Management

  • We respect and protect everyone’s personal information.
  • Our financial records, disclosures and communications are accurate, informative and not misleading.
  • We ask our employees to take great care when spending the company’s money or making financial commitments.
  • We ask our employees not to use the company’s property and resources for non-work related activities and to treat the company’s property with due care and respect.
  • We never discuss confidential information in a way that it can be overheard.
  • We never use insecure methods of exchanging confidential information.
  • We make sure that our customer and suppliers details are protected.
  • We record transactions accurately in the proper accounting period supported by detailed evidence.
  • We never fail to record any transaction or expenditure or record it in a misleading way.
  • We ask our employees not to use social networking sites, text messaging, emails or other forms of communication to betray the company’s interests.
  • We ask employees to work within company policies relating to the use of computers for personal and work-related use.
  • We ask employees not to use computer systems to access, obtain or distribute material that is illegal or offensive.
  • We always protect personal information and keep it confidential and secure.
  • We never disclose personal information without first obtaining consent.